I am a web and software developer living and working in Derbyshire in the United Kingdom.

As a full stack developer I do both front-end/client and back-end development, predominantly working with C# in ASP.NET (full framework and more recently .NET Core, predominantly MVC as well as historically in Web Forms), HTML5, Sass and CSS3 using responsive design, Javascript and jQuery using progressive-enhancement techniques. I have extensively used the Kendo UI framework, both using server side helpers and extensive customisation using the client APIs. I have experience working with Microsoft SQL, NHibernate and Entity Framework, as well as Postgres, MySql and PHP.

I have experience of Orchard and Wordpress, as well as other Content Management Systems, but the majority of my work is "hand coded" and custom written to specification.

Microsoft Certified Professional

What I do...

  • I create ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core MVC websites and web applications using the Razor view engine and modular, maintainable, C# 7 code backed by Entity Framework, NHibernate as well as raw SQL and Postgres SQL for data access.
  • I write clean semantic HTML5 utilising progressive-enhancement techniques to provide fallback for legacy browsers that do not support the feature or element used.
  • I generate standards compliant CSS3 code and layouts using Gulp compiled Sass as a pre-processor along with custom mixins which allow maximum cross browser compatability with vendor prefixes with fallback properties for features that have not yet reached full adoption.
  • I use EcmaScript 2015 features (the standards body name for the more commonly named JavaScript) with feature detection and conditional assignment to ensure maximum cross-browser compatability without always relying on heavyweight frameworks. Where necessary I use jQuery and custom written or third-party plugins for dynamic page content and interactions.
  • I use Git and other Source Control systems to manage code and releases - branching and rebasing commits to keep well organised and structured changes.
  • I deploy and manage websites and applications using Amazon Web Services infrastructure, including Elastic Beanstalk, S3, RDS, SES, Route 53 and Cloudfront.