I am a web and software developer living and working in Derbyshire in the United Kingdom.

I do front and back end development, predominantly working with C# in ASP.NET (predominantly MVC as well as web forms), HTML5, Sass and CSS3 using responsive design, Javascript and jQuery using progressive-enhancement techniques. I have extensively used the Kendo UI framework, both using server side helpers and extensive customisation using the client APIs. I have experience working with Microsoft SQL, NHibernate and Entity Framework, as well as Postgres, MySql and PHP.

I have experience of the Wordpress, as well as other Content Management Systems, but the majority of my work is "hand coded" and custom written to specification.

Microsoft Certified Professional

What I do...

  • I create ASP.NET MVC websites and web applications using the Razor view engine and modular, maintainable, C# 6 code backed by Entity Framework, NHibernate as well as raw SQL and Postgres SQL for data access.
  • I write clean semantic HTML5 utilising progressive-enhancement techniques to provide fallback for legacy browsers that do not support the feature or element used.
  • I generate standards compliant CSS3 code and layouts using Gulp compiled Sass as a pre-processor along with custom mixins which allow maximum cross browser compatability with vendor prefixes with fallback properties for features that have not yet reached full adoption.
  • I use EcmaScript 2015 features (the standards body name for the more commonly named JavaScript) with feature detection and conditional assignment to ensure maximum cross-browser compatability without always relying on heavyweight frameworks. Where necessary I use jQuery and custom written or third-party plugins for dynamic page content and interactions.